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    Are you using Word, Excel or PowerPoint to 
create, manage & distribute shop floor procedures?

    Using AssemblyX, production engineering can quickly & easily create, control & distribute electronic shop floor procedures and work instructions.

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  • AssemblyX PAPERLESS

    Is your factory held together with paper?

    AssemblyX Paperless, delivers visual, unambiguous procedures, linked to ERP or MES work orders to the right place at the right time.

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  • AssemblyX DATA CAPTURE

    Is shop floor productivity & compliance affected when collecting data?

    Using AssemblyX Data Capture, manufacturers can enforce quality, capture build history and instantly access detailed production data, complementing existing ERP & MES investments.

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  • Complimenting existing investments in ERP and MES

    A paperless manufacturing platform as it should be.

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5 problems AssemblyX electronic work instructions

solves for manufacturers




Is quality being effected because of paper based procedures?

Your production engineers, quality and shop floor operators are frustrated, inefficient and drowning in paper with the use of Word, Excel & PowerPoint to create work instructions, procedures and visual aids.

Manufacturers have a critical requirement to define processes and procedures to build, maintain and dispose of products. Currently 95% of manufacturers use Word, Excel or PowerPoint to create, distribute and manage complex production documentation.

Microsoft applications are causing major pain for manufacturers with bloated, difficult to update, paper based document control, which often results in flat, black and white documentation that does not lend itself to electronic distribution or consumption.

At best you may have created a colour PDF that is attached to a routing or stored on the network somewhere, making it difficult to navigate and capture data, which in turn slows your shop floor operators down. This out-dated approach to authoring, updating, managing and distributing work procedure documentation is hugely inefficient, effects quality and is out of touch with today’s opportunities for a paperless shop floor.

AssemblyX is a unique paperless electronic work instructions platform that enforces quality; transforming the shop floor and greatly simplifying the data capture process for build history and compliance.



Are production engineering & quality struggling to achieve targets?

Production engineers, quality & shop floor operators need the right tools to modernize the shop floor.
Let’s face it you wouldn’t give your finance director a piece of paper to manage your companies P & L or the marketing team an OHP to present their ideas.

Then why do the production engineering team have to live with inadequate tools to support the quality of your products and the shop floor?

Investing in modernizing the shop floor starts with giving your production engineering teams the right tools to support the change in moving from paper to electronic work instructions and procedures that help resolve a number of key issues.

Flat printed procedures that operators do not read combined with constant change and version updates, single piece flow and highly configurable products, does not leave the production engineering and quality teams with much of a chance, when your company continues to use paper created in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. 




Are your production engineers, quality and shop floor operators frustrated with with using Word, Excel or PowerPoint?

Paper or electronic PDF work procedures on the shop floor is killing productivity and effecting quality.

Let’s assume that your company has made a significant investment in an Enterprise Resource Planning system or Manufacturing Execution software, perhaps a 3D design system or Product Lifecycle Management software. Millions of $ are spent on software and resources for R & D, engineering, planning, logistics and managing your products and their related data throughout the products lifecycle.

However when the rubber hits the road to produce your products that have taken many years to develop, months in planning and numerous iterations of change, the production engineering and quality teams are cutting and pasting into Word, Excel or PowerPoint and grappling to keep up to date and support change with your production documentation. Grappling with Word, Excel or PowerPoint, printing, re-printing, updating and re-distributing paper is not adding value to your business, is inefficient and effects quality.

Your most valuable assets, your people are in fact fully engaged in non-value add work as they do not have the right tools for the job.

By authoring your electronic work instructions and procedures in a system designed from the ground up specifically for the shop floor allows production engineers to engage the shop floor like never before, using high resolution imagery, the use of visual actions, 3D models, 2D drawings, tooling, video, health & safety, tooling which enforces quality and captures data as part of an integrated process with the build flow.



Exploit further your investment in Enterprise Resource Planning and Manufacturing Execution Software.

Your company is missing a major opportunity by relying on paper or PDF’s for your production documentation..

By accepting the premise that a printed or PDF based production process or procedure will do, is putting the quality of your products and your companies reputation at risk.

Enterprise Resource Planning, Manufacturing Execution Systems and Product Lifecycle Management systems are fantastic at running the business, sales, scheduling, materials, engineering, quality, forecasting and finance and of course driving production. However these systems do not provide a solution for the production engineers to author, distribute and manage the electronic shop floor documentation processes.

What’s broken is the way in which the processes and procedures are created, managed and delivered to the screens, the enforcement of a standard process and the subsequent capturing of production data and quality build history for compliance.

The downstream benefits of authoring production documentation in a system designed specifically for production engineering and quality are significant.

AssemblyX delivers a simple and easy authoring application within a controlled electronic process that defines the end-to-end procedures of what to do and how to do it. By putting all the relevant information for the production process at the fingertips of the operator, quality is built-in, capturing and validation of data is efficient and an integral part of any procedure or process.


Are your quality and data capture points disconnected from your process documentation?

Simple integration for enterprise resource planning and manufacturing execution systems allows manufacturers to go paperless quickly and easily.

We understand you have made significant investments in the systems of control that drives your business and production. At AssemblyX we take a pragmatic approach and deliver simple integration points for work orders, production and product build history that ensures your Enterprise Resource Planning or Manufacturing Execution Systems remain the master.

Using AssemblyX your production engineers can efficiently author, manage and update production documentation. Shop floor operators consume standardised, stable processes and quality is built-in, improving quality, removing paper and dramatically increasing efficiency.