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Case study: Chassis Plans

Chassis Plans improves quality scores and reduces shop floor running costs with AssemblyX

Manufacturing a multitude of custom configurations for its customer base, Chassis Plans follows extensive work procedures to ensure specific product versions are created exactly the same, time after time.

Since installing the specialist digital manufacturing execution platform AssemblyX, Chassis Plans has revolutionised the production line, increasing productivity and providing robust, detailed assembly procedures to ensure version control.

Configuration complexity for Chassis Plans shop floor

California-based Chassis Plans creates ruggedised computers and LCD displays for industrial, manufacturing and military customers, such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, BAE Systems, and L3 Communications. Each customer has its own tailored designs with a vast array of custom configurations, which creates complex manufacturing operations.

An ISO 9001:2008 accredited company, Chassis Plans is committed to ensuring the highest quality controls are in place. Steve Travis, Chief Operating Officer for Chassis Plans, commented: “We have six to eight different versions of products being created at any one time. Each must adhere to strict set of work instructions and ensure the correct materials are being used.”

Digital instructions for rugged productivity

The company looked to AssemblyX, a solution that simplifies the process to author and control electronic work instructions, which can be delivered digitally to the shop floor. Streamlining operations for the execution and management of production, AssemblyX enhances quality, control and operational efficiency.

For Chassis Plans, replacing the previous paper-based process was critical to help build efficiency and support quality control process.

Steve explained: “Installing AssemblyX into our manufacturing has enabled us to have a robust set of procedures in place, so even if we build a product three years from now, we have the ability to build the exact same product.

“AssemblyX gives us insurances and enables us to be more efficient and maximise productivity. For example, we used to have another person standing watching to ensure that all instructions were followed exactly and nothing was overlooked. AssemblyX has eliminated this need, allowing us to expand our output,” added Steve.

Chassis Plans

Impressive praise for efficiencies

The intuitive AssemblyX software was a hit for both Chassis Plans employees and customers, explained Steve: “Staff found the system very easy-to-use and quickly transferred to the new way of working. Authors are able to create and update documents in less than half the time compared to the previous system.

“Shop floor users who were particularly resistant to change, proactively praised AssemblyX and have quickly adopted the new methods of working. In fact, they are helping us to capture tribal knowledge into very detailed and informative instructions.

“AssemblyX has helped to reduce the learning curve for new recruits, meaning we can bring in temps when needed, so resource matches demand. We have also received great feedback from our customers, as many require us to fulfil audits in military markets,” added Steve.

Chassis Plans shop floor

Improved quality scoring and opportunities to win more business

“Auditors have been incredibly impressed by our detailed procedures and extensive version controls, right down to the ‘Bill of Material’. In fact, because our high audit scores are inserted into vendors’ databases, this has meant we have been identified for other contracts and have the potential to win new business.”

AssemblyX has enabled Chassis Plans to raise its credibility and reputation from ensuring better controls across the assembly process, reducing operational costs and increasing productivity.

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