AssemblyX Data Capture, embeds quality in the process, captures & validates build history enhancing ERP & MES investments.

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AssemblyX Data Capture provides a simple user experience that is integral to the processes and procedures

By defining data capture points in your processes and procedures you provide an easy to use single point of entry for capture data. These capture points can be a scanning point to capture a serial number, an entry of test results or a simple quality care point. By presenting the operator with the capture points as part of the process flow, quality is enforced and data can be validated against thresholds whilst the audit data for the work order, user, date and time, materials and traceable items are recorded. Assemblyx manufacturing data capture software creates a build history record which can be used for quality and passed to ERP, MES or data analysis applications for further use, such as first time yield.

  • Simplified operator capture process
  • Embedded paperless manufacturing process
  • Full audit of build history

Product build history & traceability made easy

AssemblyX Data Capture uses validation criteria where thresholds and data entry types need to be met. Each data capture definition can have intelligence behind the entry field that can in turn either stop the operator and kick-off another process, such as non-conformance or create a warning against measures defined in quality thresholds. Whether your are in a single piece flow, batch build or serialized production environment, tracking the product build history, obtaining detailed production timings for product margins and capturing quality information becomes seamless.

  • Robust validated data entry
  • Detailed production data insights
  • Automate workflows based on results

Quickly identify quality issues,
trends and critical production insights

AssemblyX Data Capture enables production, quality and finance to understand what is happening on the shop floor. If there are production issues with suppliers or training, quality issues with engineering and product margins are being eroded, AssemblyX manufacturing data capture software will help your organization identify where to focus your efforts. Additionally AssemblyX Data Capture uses a Manufacturing Unique Identifier that always keep track of where things are in production and provides a live feed of work in progress. Once work orders have been completed, quality and production data can be passed and confirmed to the ERP or MES systems.

  • End to end tracking of progress
  • Live production insights
  • Validate planned financial assumptions


  • Integrated Capture Process
  • Validated Data Entry
  • Ensures Operators Follow Process
  • Creation of Quality Record
  • Detailed Production Insights
  • Full Traceability of History

Green Paper – The knock on effects to production engineering, quality & shop floor operators when using Word, Excel or PowerPoint to create shop floor documentation

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In this green paper we look at the following issues when using Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create, manage and distribute shop floor processes and procedures.

  • Creating electronic work instructions is complicated, time consuming and frustrating
  • Updating electronic work instructions is a difficult, time consuming and error prone
  • Distributing paper-based work instructions to the shop floor is effecting quality
  • The lack of integration with my ERP and MES is creating re-work issues
  • Real time production information and shop floor data collection is not joined up