AssemblyX is seeking partners to drive growth & expansion.

We are currently looking for mutually profitable partnerships with technology, implementation and reseller partners.

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Who do we sell to?

AssemblyX is a electronic manufacturing platform for organisations who are looking to transform their shop floor operations. We provide visual work instruction software to enable manufacturers to effectively and profitability complete production orders.

AssemblyX has a simple and easy adoption model that starts with an entry level product available as SaaS or on-premise which removes the barriers to adoption. There are typically then two more easy steps to a paperless manufacturing environment.

What customer are saying about our platform.

  • Save masses of time authoring & updating
  • Standardisation of processes & procedures
  • Rich paperless delivery to the screens
  • Efficient & simple data capture

What if we are an ERP or MES vendor?

AssemblyX has been designed to complement Enterprise Resource Planning systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, Epicor and manufacturing execution systems. These systems are typically the recipients of the process and procedure documentation, which are then associated with a routing or product and typically printed for shop floor distribution or the accessed using PDF from a screen. There are numerous advantages for customers to have their production process documentation driven by an on-screen system. AssemblyX has been built from the ground up to transform the way the shop floor interact with the electronic work instructions driven by the ERP or MES systems. We are looking to establish key technology partnerships where we can compliment existing ERP and MES investments that differentiate our partner solutions and drive profitable business for both parties.

  • Intelligent and engaging documentation to the screen
  • Quickly and easily Implement change
  • Simple quality, inspection and data capture
  • Detailed production insights

What if we are a software reseller business?

AssemblyX are interested to engage with partners who currently sell products and services into the manufacturing and engineering markets. If you are looking to expand your portfolio to new areas of your customers business or net new engagements where it has been historically difficult to engage then AssemblyX would like to hear from you.

Revenue opportunities exist for reseller partners to:

  • Resell / upsell software
  • Configuration & training
  • Local support
  • Partner add-ons


  • Quick and easy process authoring
  • Use of high resolution images & video
  • Fully defined with parts, tooling & H & S
  • Simple bills of materials import
  • Rapid embodiment of change
  • Secure and controlled with workflow

Green Paper – The knock on effects to production engineering, quality & shop floor operators when using Word, Excel or PowerPoint to create shop floor documentation.

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In this green paper we look at the following issues when using Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create, manage and distribute shop floor processes and procedures.

  • Creating electronic work instructions is complicated, time consuming and frustrating
  • Updating electronic work instructions is a difficult, time consuming and error prone
  • Distributing paper-based work instructions to the shop floor is effecting quality
  • The lack of integration with my ERP and MES is creating re-work issues
  • Real time production information and shop floor data collection is disconnected