AssemblyX Pro forms the foundation to achieving paperless manufacturing with minimum disruption.

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Start today with AssemblyX Pro and stop using Word, Excel or PowerPoint

AssemblyX Pro is easy to learn and use. Production engineering and quality teams can quickly and easily author shop floor processes and procedures, without the issues of formatting, cut & paste and file bloating. Production engineers can pull together all the relevant objects, such as high resolution images & video, bills of materials, visual actions, health & safety for PPE, COSHH and risk assessment, tooling, and supporting reference documents, including 2D & 3D CAD.

  • Significant time saved authoring & updating
  • Standardise processes & procedures
  • Enable paperless manufacturing

The right tools for production engineering

Shop floor processes & procedures (Electronic Work Instructions) require engineering teams to bring together disparate information sources. Once defined the procedures have to be version controlled and updated as change occurs which requires considerable effort using Word, Excel or PowerPoint. With AssemblyX Pro your production engineers can save a significant amount time when it comes to authoring, management and updates of work instructions, with its unique task editor, workflow and version control, moving you towards paperless manufacturing.

  • Robust control of critical production data
  • Quickly & easily embody change
  • Ensure only the latest version is available

Quality built-in with test & inspection points in your process

AssemblyX has been built from 1st principles for production engineering and the shop floor to enable organisations to go far beyond creating a document that is visual and clear in nature. At AssemblyX we believe embedding the process of quality, test & inspection into your instructions where the results are compelling. AssemblyX supports the definition of in-line quality and test points and ensures the operator enters or captures the appropriate information at the time of build, enhancing productivity, quality and recording data that is accurate and validated against thresholds.

  • Integrated inspection, quality and test
  • Enforce quality in the processes
  • Validate results by setting thresholds


  • Quick & easy process authoring & workflow
  • Enhanced high resolution images & video
  • Fully defined with parts, tooling, H & S
  • Simple bills of materials import
  • Rapid embodiment of change
  • Secure and version controlled


Green Paper – The knock on effects to production engineering, quality & shop floor operators when using Word, Excel or PowerPoint to create shop floor documentation.



In this green paper we look at the following issues when using Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create, manage and distribute shop floor processes and procedures.

  • Creating electronic work instructions is complicated, time consuming and frustrating
  • Updating electronic work instructions is a difficult, time consuming and error prone
  • Distributing paper-based work instructions to the shop floor is effecting quality
  • The lack of integration with my ERP and MES is creating re-work issues
  • Real time production information and shop floor data collection is not joined up

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