AssemblyX Paperless, delivers visual, unambiguous procedures, linked to ERP or MES work orders

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AssemblyX Paperless work instruction software delivers electronic procedures to the shop floor

AssemblyX Paperless is the distribution method distributing released production process and procedure documentation that have been built by production engineering. This enables the pulling of information to the shop floor screens driven by work orders or a part number. Your production workstations, benches and cells access released documentation that includes high resolution imagery, video, health & safety, tooling, NC toolpaths, 2D drawings, 3D models and quality / inspection / data capture points integrated to the process.

  • Controlled up to date procedures
  • Visually engaging communication
  • Information is at the operators fingertips

Ensure the latest electronic work instructions are presented on-screen & linked to works orders

Using AssemblyX Paperless work instruction software, shop floor operators will only be able to access released procedures that are linked to a work orders from ERP or MES. This is of huge benefit where repeater products and single piece flow is used as your shop floor strategy for manufacturing.
Dealing with many different sets of work instructions for products whether for assembly, test or repair causes many issues such as poor quality, rework and loss of productivity. By getting control of the release and updates process and removing paper, operators can easily consume the electronic work instructions that are visual, engaging and communicate change clearly.

  • Latest instructions, right place & content
  • Easily communicate change
  • Go paperless and engage the shop floor

Enforce quality, test and inspection in your processes

AssemblyX paperless provides an environment from where production engineering and quality can quickly and easily define electronic work instructions. The subsequent electronic consumption by the operator provides prompts to complete validation points for data, quality, care or inspection which enforces the quality process and prevents the user from moving on.
AssemblyX knows who the operator is, what the response was and provides a full audit of what happened throughout the build. Additionally if the operator finds an issue or an improvement opportunity, they can simply click a button and the system will capture shop floor feedback to be reviewed and incorporated by production engineering

  • Robust enforcement of quality
  • Full audit of what happened
  • Simple shop floor engagement / feedback


  • Paperless shop floor distribution
  • Modernize shop floor
  • Clear and concise communication
  • Enforce quality in the process
  • Shop floor feedback app
  • Visual clues, health & safety & tooling

Green Paper – The knock on effects to production engineering, quality & shop floor operators when using Word, Excel or PowerPoint to create shop floor documentation.

Download Green Paper

In this green paper we look at the following issues when using Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create, manage and distribute shop floor processes and procedures.

  • Creating electronic work instructions is complicated, time consuming and frustrating
  • Updating electronic work instructions is a difficult, time consuming and error prone
  • Distributing paper-based work instructions to the shop floor is effecting quality
  • The lack of integration with my ERP and MES is creating re-work issues
  • Real time production information and shop floor data collection is not joined up

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